Beer Belly One Night Stand Ambassador Perks 2016

Just under a month ago we welcomed our newest group of One Night Stand Ambassadors and hooked them up with this year's gift package. 

Like last year, we gave a little something extra to Ambassadors who made it out to all TWELVE ONS events. 

Please join me in congratulating all our new Ambassadors! It is no easy feat, and I commend your commitment to beer and socializing. 

So what's in the box? 

Well, for starters the BIG reveal is that we collaborated with our friends at Monkish Brewing to release a very special beer that we named Mind of a Peach. This Blonde Wild ale brewed with Peaches is an Ambassador exclusive. These bottles will never be for sale, but don't fret....we have a couple of kegs that we will be tapping at special events in the future. 

Anyway, here's the breakdown of goodies:

  • Exclusive Ambassador only bottles of Mind of a Peach (3x for those who attended twelve, 2x for all others)
  • Exclusive Ambassador only Mind of a Peach shirt (100% cotton, we don't mess around)
  • 2x Ambassador only Mind of a Peach can glasses 
  • Limited Edition MR44 Beer Belly can glass (twelve event Ambassadors only)
  • Beer Belly Coach Jacket (twelve event Ambassadors only) 
  • Beer Belly ONS Ambassador membership card 

Ambassadors receive the following perks with their membership card:

  • 10% discount for the rest of 2016
  • Extended happy hour (until 8pm)
  • Reservations for two on ONS event days (we typically don't take any reservations on event days)
  • Access to exclusive invite-only events throughout the year
  • Those who have been members for at LEAST two years are only required to attend a minimum of EIGHT events to qualify for an Ambassador gift package

Congrats again to all our new 2016 Ambassadors, and I look forward to having a beer with those of you gunning to join our group in 2017. Who's ready for the next One Night Stand?

Label and 'Peach Man' artwork designed by the talented  Rodrigo Calderon .

Label and 'Peach Man' artwork designed by the talented Rodrigo Calderon.

Introducing Beer Belly's Winter Menu 2015

With the weather finally cooling down in Los Angeles, we're happy to share with you our new Winter menu dishes for 2015. We're launching our new dishes on Monday, November 16th at hope to see you there! 

Let's see what Chef Wes has prepared...

  • Asada Pasta- Housemade Tapatio linguine, chili morita, fresh ricotta, mexi-marinara, marinated grilled skirt steak, micro-cilantro
  • Yellow Curry Risotto + Duck & Bacon Meatballs- Arborio rice, onion, carrot, peas, duck & bacon meatballs
  • Warm Purple Kale & Squash Salad- Roasted butternut squash, fried prosciutto, toasted walnuts, tarragon fried goat cheese, fried tarragon, warm brown sugar & dijon vinaigrette
  • Brown Sugar Baby Backs- Baked baby back ribs, brown sugar hot sauce, smoked cabbage blue cheese slaw
  • Bacon Bacon Mac- Housemade bacon whiz, Tillamook cheddar, swiss, bacon bits, bacon weave
  • Gorgonzola Au Gratin Mac- Provolone + gorgonzola whiz, gorgonzola, asiago, potato au gratin, panko bread crumbs, optional egg
  • The Autumn Pub Steak- Seared pub steak, beer braised carrots & parsnips, fried brussels leaves, charred sweet chilis, beer stew gravy
  • Pork Cheek Chili Cheese Fries- Fries, beer braised pork cheek chili, Tillamook cheddar, queso Oaxaca


Beer Belly Does Lunch All Week

It's true, starting September 1st we will be open for lunch on weekdays (11:30am-3pm). This is for the Weekday Warriors that are sick of their everyday lunch routine. Disrupt the snoozefest and come see what we have planned for you.

Chef Wes has come up with new lunch-exclusive dishes like the TCPBLT (that's turkey confit pork-belly 'BLT'), and the triumphant return of burgers. We've gone a bit over four years now and have had burgers on the menu a grand total of...two days? Well, now is your chance to get at the Volcano Burger, a Duck! Cheeseburger, and my personal favorite the Pepper Steak Burger. These are all lunchtime only exclusives aka Weekday Warrior food so please plan accordingly.