Craft for Crap 2015

On a semi-regular basis we host an event called Craft for Crap. We invite craft beer drinkers to invite their non-craft drinking friends for a 'low-cost of entry' opportunity to try a craft beer. 

We encourage non-craft drinkers to bring in a macro beer and toss it out. In exchange we provide a locally brewed craft beer for $.01. 

In light of the Budweiser Super Bowl ad we decided to have a little fun with it this year, and encourage non-craft drinkers to TRY a craft beer before writing it off entirely. This video is our equally ridiculous response to Budweiser's ridiculous premise that craft beer drinkers are a bunch of fussy hipsters hanging out in the corner isolated from the rest of the macro drinking world. 

Cheers, to old friends and new!

Special thanks goes out to our friends at Imagination at Play for putting this killer video together.