Introducing Beer Belly's Winter Menu 2015

With the weather finally cooling down in Los Angeles, we're happy to share with you our new Winter menu dishes for 2015. We're launching our new dishes on Monday, November 16th at hope to see you there! 

Let's see what Chef Wes has prepared...

  • Asada Pasta- Housemade Tapatio linguine, chili morita, fresh ricotta, mexi-marinara, marinated grilled skirt steak, micro-cilantro
  • Yellow Curry Risotto + Duck & Bacon Meatballs- Arborio rice, onion, carrot, peas, duck & bacon meatballs
  • Warm Purple Kale & Squash Salad- Roasted butternut squash, fried prosciutto, toasted walnuts, tarragon fried goat cheese, fried tarragon, warm brown sugar & dijon vinaigrette
  • Brown Sugar Baby Backs- Baked baby back ribs, brown sugar hot sauce, smoked cabbage blue cheese slaw
  • Bacon Bacon Mac- Housemade bacon whiz, Tillamook cheddar, swiss, bacon bits, bacon weave
  • Gorgonzola Au Gratin Mac- Provolone + gorgonzola whiz, gorgonzola, asiago, potato au gratin, panko bread crumbs, optional egg
  • The Autumn Pub Steak- Seared pub steak, beer braised carrots & parsnips, fried brussels leaves, charred sweet chilis, beer stew gravy
  • Pork Cheek Chili Cheese Fries- Fries, beer braised pork cheek chili, Tillamook cheddar, queso Oaxaca


Winter Menu 2014

Kimchi Ragu


Introducing our Winter menu for 2014...including THE RETURN OF THE MAC! The Pizza Mac that is.

Special thanks to the seriously talented Aniruddh Pandit for taking these killer photos. You can reach him by email here.

  • Pizza Mac and Cheese- Mozzarella Pizza Whiz, Pepperoni, Asiago
  • The Skynard- Baked Potato Skin, Beer Onion & Basil Mash, Broccoli, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Sriracha Sour Cream, Chives
  • Spinach & Feta Salad- Grilled Fennel Bulbs, Confit Cherry Tomato, Roasted Pecans, Thyme, Feta Cheese, Blackberry Vinaigrette (Add grilled chicken +$2.5)
  • Kimchi & Meatball Ragu- Beef, Garlic & Asiago Meatballs, Kimchi. Tomato, Basil, Poached Egg, Crostini
  • Mini Garlic Bread & Spinach Dip- Mini Breadsticks, Housemade Garlic & Red Pepper Butter, Housemade Spinach Dip
  • Hot Giant Snickerdoodle- Baked Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Whipped Cream
  • Grilled Hangar Steak & Poutine- Roasted Beef Gravy, Rosemary, French Fries, Cheddar Cheese Curds
  • Curry Chicken Wrap- Grilled Curry Chicken, Romaine, Basil Pesto Rice, Roasted Red Pepper, Onion, Ginger Cayenne Aioli