Beer Belly One Night Stand Ambassador Perks 2016

Just under a month ago we welcomed our newest group of One Night Stand Ambassadors and hooked them up with this year's gift package. 

Like last year, we gave a little something extra to Ambassadors who made it out to all TWELVE ONS events. 

Please join me in congratulating all our new Ambassadors! It is no easy feat, and I commend your commitment to beer and socializing. 

So what's in the box? 

Well, for starters the BIG reveal is that we collaborated with our friends at Monkish Brewing to release a very special beer that we named Mind of a Peach. This Blonde Wild ale brewed with Peaches is an Ambassador exclusive. These bottles will never be for sale, but don't fret....we have a couple of kegs that we will be tapping at special events in the future. 

Anyway, here's the breakdown of goodies:

  • Exclusive Ambassador only bottles of Mind of a Peach (3x for those who attended twelve, 2x for all others)
  • Exclusive Ambassador only Mind of a Peach shirt (100% cotton, we don't mess around)
  • 2x Ambassador only Mind of a Peach can glasses 
  • Limited Edition MR44 Beer Belly can glass (twelve event Ambassadors only)
  • Beer Belly Coach Jacket (twelve event Ambassadors only) 
  • Beer Belly ONS Ambassador membership card 

Ambassadors receive the following perks with their membership card:

  • 10% discount for the rest of 2016
  • Extended happy hour (until 8pm)
  • Reservations for two on ONS event days (we typically don't take any reservations on event days)
  • Access to exclusive invite-only events throughout the year
  • Those who have been members for at LEAST two years are only required to attend a minimum of EIGHT events to qualify for an Ambassador gift package

Congrats again to all our new 2016 Ambassadors, and I look forward to having a beer with those of you gunning to join our group in 2017. Who's ready for the next One Night Stand?

Label and 'Peach Man' artwork designed by the talented  Rodrigo Calderon .

Label and 'Peach Man' artwork designed by the talented Rodrigo Calderon.

One Night Stand Perks for Members 2015

One Night Stand Perks for Members 2015

Alright now that we're a full month into 2015, I think it's time to announce what our members received this year for their dedication to the One Night Stand program. First, I want to start off by thanking all of those who participated this past year. It was our strongest year of the One Night Stand program yet with so many more of you joining us for our monthly events, and even more of you qualifying to join as a ONS member for attending at least ten events throughout the year. Our hope is to continue cultivating our program and using it as a real platform for you to meet rad people and drink great beer.