It's Back: Beer Belly One Night Stand 2014 Program!


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We're back!

Our One Night Stand program is a way of getting to know some of the most exciting craft breweries around us. Now in its third year we've tweaked the format ever so slightly, but the objective is still the same: drink great beer, and meet new drinking buddies.

In addition, if you make it to 10 out of 12 One Night Stand events then you'll get a special gift at the end of the year and be inducted into a fairly exclusive group. This is quite a commitment though, and is not for the feeble. It's okay though, worst case scenario...you drink beer!

All the details of participation are below, and we will be updating this page throughout the year with tap-lists for all of the upcoming events so be sure to bookmark this page and check it diligently.

If you want a One Night Stand gift and be inducted into the ONS group:

  • Attend 10 out of 12 One Night Stand events (schedule below)
  • Take a photo in the designated photo zone
  • Post your photo to the Beer Belly Facebook page as proof!
  • Success!


The Bruery (12/17) TAPLIST:

  • Mélange #1
  • Oude Tart w/ Cherries
  • Mash & Grind
  • So Happens It's Tuesday w/ Cacao & Raisins
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged 6 Geese-A-Laying
  • 7 Swans-A-Swimming
  • Molé Smoking Wood
  • Rueuze
  • Grey Monday
  • Tart of Darkness w/ Cherries & Vanilla
  • Mischief
  • Loakal Red

Ballast Point Brewing Company (11/19) TAPLIST: 

  • Victory at Sea
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged (4 Roses) Victory at Sea
  • East Meets West
  • Sour Wench w/ Blackberries
  • Tongue Buckler Imperial Red
  • Wahoo White
  • Pale
  • Calico
  • Sculpin
  • Habenero Sculpin
  • Nitro Sculpin
  • Fathom IPL

Smog City Brewing Company (10/22) TAPLIST:

  • Cali Love
  • Bloody Knuckle vanilla on nitro
  • Goldie (Bourbon barrel-aged strong ale)
  • Mai Tai Hoptonic IPA
  • Chip Shot Coffee Porter
  • Smoked Smaug Lager
  • LA Saison
  • Coffee Porter
  • Sabre-Toothed Squirrel
  • Little Bo Pils
  • Anniversary Beer (Belgian Strong Ale)
  • Mo' Cherry Wheat Beer

Drake's Brewing Company (9/17) TAPLIST:

  • Hella Fresh Pale Ale (Wet Hopped 1500)
  • Bourbon Barrel Drakonic
  • Barrel Aged Robustito
  • Nitro Dry Stout
  • Aroma Flora
  • Robusto Porter
  • Red Eye
  • Blonde
  • Denogginizer IPA
  • IPA
  • Amber
  • 1500 Pale Ale

The Brewery at Abigaile (8/20) TAPLIST:

  • Hops 'N Rye (session-able rye pale w/ noble style NZ hops)
  • The Synergist (Belgian-style Dubbel w/ medjool dates and rasins)
  • Illuminati Pils (Czech-style pils)
  • Golden Ratio (Cream ale)
  • Drop It Like It's Hops (West-coast IPA)
  • The Singularity (Imperial Smoked Porter)
  • 002 DIPA (2nd Anniv. DIPA)

Beachwood Brewing (7/23) TAPLIST:

  • El Verano (Saison, GABF bronze medal winner)
  • Bulldog (Irish dry stout on nitro)
  • Kilgore Stout (GABF gold medal winner)
  • Hops of Brixton (ESB)
  • Onyx (Imperial stout)
  • Foam Top (Cream ale, GABF & World Beer Cup gold medal winner)
  • Hopular Mechanics (West Coast IPA)
  • Table Saaz (Biere de table)
  • Udder Love (Milk stout, GABF gold medal winner)
  • Skyline Gold (Kolsch)
  • Breaker (West Cost pale ale)

Green Flash Brewing (6/18) TAPLIST:

  • Hop Odyssey White IPA
  • Ristretto Cosmic Black Lager
  • 1st Anniversary American Strong Ale
  • 30th St. Pale Ale
  • Road Warrior
  • East Village Pilsner
  • Imperial IPA
  • Le Freak
  • Double Stout
  • West Coast IPA
  • Hop Head Red

Monkish Brewing (5/21) TAPLIST:

  • Selah
  • Apophatic
  • Seme della Vita
  • Feminist
  • Anomaly
  • Rosa's Hips
  • Saison de Lilah (saison w/ lavender and lemon peels)
  • Saisonita (3.9% ABV dry-hopped saison)
  • False Prophet
  • Altar Boy
  • Moria
  • Crux

Mother Earth Brew Co (4/23) TAPLIST:

  • Sin Tax Peanut Butter Stout
  • Cali Creamin'
  • Pinup Pale
  • Hop Diggity DIPA
  • Kismet IPA
  • Primordial Imperial IPA
  • Weizenbock
  • Bookoo IPA
  • Blond
  • ....more TBD


  • Pistol Whip'd Pils
  • Big Whig IPA
  • Breakaway Pale Ale
  • English 101 on Nitro
  • Bean Bump (Imperial Naughty Sauce) on Nitro
  • Amarillo Showers
  • Bill Brasky (Anaheim SOB/ Smoked Hurensohnbier 8.5% ABV)
  • Man's Milk (Milk stout on Nitro)
  • Jeff (Strong Pale Ale w/ Azacca hops 6.3% ABV)
  • Earl's Grey Dinghy (English Pub Ale w/ Earl Grey Tea)
  • Too Darn Hot (Habanero IPA)
  • Surprise....


  • Double IPA
  • Nitro-Coffee Brown
  • Scotch Ale
  • Stout
  • IPA
  • Pale
  • Blonde


  • Pugachev's Cobra
  • Hammerhead
  • Tailslide
  • Slow Roll
  • Vinaceous
  • Polycot
  • Essence
  • Winter Warmer
  • Chocolate Porter (nitro)
  • Orange Wheat
  • Helles Lager
  • Double IPA

A One Night Stand with Hangar24


"He was a wise man who invented beer.” -Plato

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be able to sit down on the Hangar 24 patio and have a drink with Ben Cook, owner of the brewery. His love of beer is obvious and his passion contagious. Ben talked about beer being the great equalizer. One can sit down at a bar and share a beer with people from all walks of life. Doctor, CEO, janitor, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is there because of a desire for good beer. Yet, it’s not just the beer that motivates us, because then we would just be raging alcoholics. What makes beer so great is the community that surrounds it. Beer is a magnet for great people and even better conversation. The tasting room at Hangar 24 is a perfect embodiment of this ethos. Scanning the room we see a family of 5, bikers, a couple on a date, and men in suits. If we were to go to a wine bar or a cocktail bar, I can guarantee you that we would not see the same variety of people. Beer is what brings all of these people together to have a good time with friends and strangers alike without any pretense.


We last visited Hangar 24, for our first One Night Stand, over a year ago and things have dramatically changed since then. New additions include a canning line, more tanks, and a whole new building. It’s great to see the support that Ben and his brewery are receiving from the local community. Even on a frosty Sunday afternoon, the taproom was just as busy as most LA bars on a Friday night.


Our visit to Redlands was successful. We had a great time getting to know new people and drinking some damn good beer. We are looking forward to our One Night Stand on Tuesday, February 19th.



Post and photos by James Aprill

James Aprill is the film maker, contributing photographer, and all-around craft beer media producer for Beer Belly. He likes beer.