A One Night Stand With Craftsman Brewing


Update: On tap for the evening: Heavenly Hef, 1903 Lager, Poppyfields Pale Ale, Westcoast Wit, Cabernale, Angelino Weisse, Curiosity Saison This July we welcome back one of our favorite brewing explorers and one of the originals of Los Angeles craft beer, Craftsman Brewing. Mark Jilg has been pumping out a wide range of delicious small batch beers since 1995. This was well before the current renaissance of LA beer helping pave the way for the likes of Golden Road, Eagle Rock, and Strand Brewing.

The BB family is looking forward to having Craftsman beers with everyone. Expect stalwarts such as Heavenly Hef and 1903 Prohibition Lager as well as a few surprises.