Brewing For Peace - Craft Beer In The West Bank

120427-taybeh-beer Nadine Ajaka's short film Brewing For Peace, tells the story of the first craft brewery in the West Bank. In a part of the world more known for never-ending violence and religious zealotry, Taybeh Brewing is crafting delicious small-batch beer that transcends all borders.


Owners Nadim and David Khoury returned to Taybeh after twenty years of living in the United States. While studying in college, Nadim had gotten hooked on home brewing. Inspired by their father, the Khoury brothers decided to return to Palestine to invest in the local economy by launching a brewery. Taybeh Brewing launched in 1994 with their flagship Golden Ale. They have since added to the lineup a Belgian Dark Ale and an Altbier.

As one might imagine, brewing beer in Palestine is not the easiest craft to maintain. Distributing beer can be a particularly daunting task when having to communicate with both the Israeli and Palestinian governments. "It's not easy. Politics and making, they don't mix," says Nadim. Yet, through it all, the Khoury's continue to make beer their way and hope that their strides for normalcy may eventually lead to lasting peace in the region.

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