Save The Earth, Drink Bison Brewing Organic Beer

Bison Brewing Featured Image

Wednesday, August 7 we welcome Bison Brewing to Beer Belly. Bison has been brewing craft beer in Berkeley, CA since 1989 with a unique twist. Bison was one of the first organic breweries in the entire world. All of their brews are 100% genuine organic. That means all organic malt and hops. Beyond brewing an organic product, brewer and owner, Dan Del Grande believes in being a steward for the environment. The organic movement is all about conservation & environmentalism and Bison Brewing is at the forefront of this movement through promoting "Meatless Mondays" and advocating for individual awareness of plastic use. Dan will be joining us so make sure to share a pint with him! Helping Mother Earth is obviously great, but you're probably wondering how the beer tastes? Join us on Wednesday, August 5 and taste the wonderful world of organic beer. We have an excellent line up for you to decide for youself:

  • Hop Cuvee
  • Chocolate Stout
  • Honey Basil
  • IPA
  • Cocoa Bretta