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One Night Stand with El Segundo Brewing Co.

El Segundo Brewing

Next Wednesday, September 18, El Segundo Brewing Co. will join us for a One Night Stand. Rob Croxall and Tom Kelley set out to be the hop-forward brewery in Los Angeles. With their Blue House Pale, Citra, White Dog, and Two 5 Left, they have certainly succeeded in bringing hops to the thirsty masses. El Segundo Brewing currently has a few kegs of fruited IPA's rolling around and Tom, a certified Cicerone, recently held a class focusing on the relationship between hops and fruit. Many of those wonderful fruity flavors you associate with beer are derived from the use of hops.

It is the esters and hop oils that provide the flavors and aromas reminiscent of the best pineapple, orange, apricot, apple, and passion fruit you've ever had. The Citra hop, a newer hop variety, is showcased in El Segundo's surprisingly session able Citra Pale Ale. With tropical fruit, grapefruit and a hint of navel orange peel, this monster of a beer will smack you in the face and leave you crying for more.

One of my other favorite hops is the New Zealand native Nelson Sauvin. These lupulin treats give off an intense fruit flavor that can be described as gooseberry, passion fruit, and hints of melon. Grab a bottle of Nelson from Alpine Beer Company to fully understand what these wonderful Kiwis are up to. Debuted in 2011, the Calypso hop is a sharp, pungent variety that calls to mind apple, pear, and lemon. I had much success homebrewing a pale ale with Calypso hops. Commercially, Stone relies heavily on Calypso in it's Enjoy By and Old Guardian. Fortunately for us hop heads, as growers continue to experiment with new hop varieties, the beers we enjoy will become more and more creative in their flavor profiles.

Come out to Beer Belly next Wednesday to grab a few pints of the local hoppy stuff. Below are the beers we will have on hand:

  • Blue House IPA
  • Citra Pale
  • Grand Hill IPA
  • Hyperion's Stout
  • Hyperion's Vanilla Stout
  • Standard Crude
  • Two 5 Left
  • White Dog IPA
  • Casa Azul
  • Fruit Beer TBD

Hop Wheel

L.A. Growlers - Brewers Guild Speaks Out


Growlers have been a bit of a hot topic recently with a lot of confusion regarding unlabeled growlers (see this post from Beer Advocate). The LA Brewers Guild has since released a statement regarding changes to the growler policies at LA breweries. Below is the statement from LA Brewers Guild President Jeremy Raub. page1image1024 page1image1344


LA Brewers Guild Updates Statement on “Non-Native” Brewery Growler Fills

Los Angeles, CA May 30, 2013 - Earlier this year a representative from California ABC commented on breweries’ ability to fill growler bottles with beers they manufacture, and stated (in summary) that any brewery can fill any container, provided that existing label information is obscured and that new, approved labeling is affixed to that container. Before this statement was issued many California breweries were operating to the contrary, in order to avoid confusion and to ensure they remained in compliance with State Law and avoided harsh fines and penalties.

For the past several months the Los Angeles Brewers Guild has been working with its member breweries, as well as other regional brewing guilds to determine the best course of action to address this new information. At a meeting of the LABG on May 15, 2013 several member breweries revealed that they have received label approval for a new format of growler label and will soon be ready to move forward with filling growlers not native to their own brewery. The guild unanimously agreed that the best course of action is for each brewery to begin these “non- native” fills at their own pace, dependent on their own label approval status, and on the infrastructure at each member’s individual establishment.

In the coming weeks you can expect to see some local brewers begin these “non-native” growler fills, however there are a couple key points to keep in mind:

  1. 1)  Each brewery is different and will consider non-native growler fills based on their own policies and procedures, and on their own preparedness to do so.
  2. 2)  Some brewers may choose to continue filling only their own growlers at this time. Please respect this decision.
  3. 3)  Call first. Before you bring a non-native growler to be filled at a brewery be sure to ask:
    1. a)  If they will fill a non-native growler
    2. b)  If they can accommodate filling the size/shape of your particular growler
  4. 4)  State law requires that all identifying marks on non-native growlers be obscured before another brewery can fill that growler. ABC specifies that the method of obscuring those identifying marks cannot be “easily removed”. Again, each brewery will have their own policy in how they comply with this law, so be sure to check with them before you go to get a fill.

Cheers, and happy growler filling!