Cismontane Brewing Company

A One Night Stand With Cismontane Brewing: 8/28

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(Cis-mon-tane): The side of the mountains. In reference to coastal Southern California. Cismontane Brewing Company, rooted deeply in south Orange County, has been crafting California focused ales for the past three years. Owners Evan Weinberg and Ross Stewart seek inspiration from the high peaks and green valleys of their surroundings in creating well balanced and interesting beer with a local influence. With names such as Pandion Pale, El Modeno Mild, and Holy Jim Falls XPA, these are California brews through and through.

We look forward to hosting the Cismontane crew for what will surely be another fantastic One Night Stand. Our tap list so far includes the following:

Coulter IPA Citizen Black's Dawn Holy Jim Falls XPA ABZ IPA La Crema 3rd Anniversary Belgian Strong Buckwheat Oktoberfest 2012 Session Saison