Bacon Fat Fries

Pork-icane: Bacon Fat Fries

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Forget Sharknado, Pork-icane is headed straight to Koreatown! If you are a part of the 99.9% of carnivorous Americans who loves bacon, then you need to get yourself an order of these fries, stat. It’s a shame we don’t have a picture menu, cuz one look at these babies and you’re already drooling. Go ahead, we’ll wait for you to get a napkin. Back? Where were we? Oh yeah, the fries. Fried in bacon fat and topped with crispy bacon bits, this just takes French fries to a whole new level. The wild arugula adds some…nutritional value (not that that’s our first priority, but it sure is tasty), while the chili morita—a dark chipotle pepper—gives each bite a smoky heat. What’s that? Your mouth is tingling? Don’t worry, some maple vinegar dipping sauce should help balance that out.

We found an actual (totally not fake) Ruth Bourdain tweet about our new Bacon Fat Fries: “Smoky. Flossing my molars with strands of bacon fat. Maple vinegar dip dripping down my chin. Wash it down with cold craft beer. Swallow.” We’d call that a glowing review.

Bacon Fat Fries ($8)

Bacon fat, fried bacon bits, wild arugula, chili morita, maple vinegar dip


Written by Skyler Okey