Coming Up: A One Night Stand With The Bruery

One Night Stand: The Bruery

UPDATE (6/18): The last two beers have been confirmed...we will also have White Chocolate and Or Xata on tap! It's time to welcome The Bruery back to Beer Belly for another One Night Stand! Hot off celebrating their fifth anniversary, Patrick Rue and his crew are ready to keep rocking the craft beer world.

Patrick has a new toy, a five barrel pilot batch system, to start concocting new and unheard of brews. One of the first batches made on this new system, is our collaboration beer FUBRue. We first debuted this Korean influenced ale during our 2nd Anniversary party last month. With toasted sesame seeds, jujubes, and red beans, FUBRue is certainly a one of a kind beer that can only be experienced at Beer Belly.

We look forward to you joining us for a One Night Stand with The Bruery on June 19th. Here's a sneak peak at the tap lineup although there may be a few surprises:

  1. Mischief
  2. Humulus Lager
  3. Hottenroth
  4. Loakal Red
  5. FUBRue
  6. Tart of Darkness
  7. Sour in the Rye with Kumquats
  8. Mélange #3
  9. Old Richland
  10. Chocolate Rain