Monday, I'm in Love: New Order Mondays Return to Beer Belly


Mondays got you feeling blue? Nothing a little good food and 80s music can’t fix! Chef Wes has been hard at work planning themes for a slue of New Order Mondays, and he's kicking things off with curry! Starting October 21st, each Monday, Chef Wes will be cooking up special dishes for one night only, which you can sample while being serenaded by your favorite throwback tunes from the 80s. Past themes have included cheesesteaks, chili, burgers, and tacos. He’s keeping his ideas for the next few weeks under wraps, though, so you’ll have to give into temptation and come see for yourself. You may find yourself in a bizarre love triangle between your date and Chef Wes’ cooking.

While this isn’t officially a costume event, for our own entertainment we absolutely endorse digging through your closet for some shoulder pads and parachute pants.