Burger Week 5 at the Oinkster

Our friends at The Oinkster put on an intense event every year called Burger Week, and we are big fans. This year will be the first year that Burger Week will be at BOTH Oinkster locations, Hollywood and Eagle Rock. I'm happy to announce that we have a 'front-of-the-line' GOLDEN ticket that is good all week and gets you front-of-the-line (duh) privileges. Those of you who have gone before KNOW how valuable this ticket can be.

Here's how to win:

  • Go to Beer Belly this Saturday (5/30) between 12-5pm
  • Order our Beer Belly Grilled Cheese
  • Whisper to your server "Burgerlord me please"
  • Your server will then take your name and email address

One lucky person will be selected randomly at the end of Saturday and will then be contacted by the Oinkster team by Sunday for redemption details. 

I kid you not, if I could just keep this myself I would...but you know, negative karma and all.

Full Burger Week 5 Details:

From the Oinkster team:

Monday, June 1st 2015 marks the kickoff of our 5th Annual Burger Week, an epic week long celebration of all things Burgers! Burger Week draws hordes of diehard Burger Fanatics from all corners of LA making it our biggest celebration of the year. Every day of Burger Week will feature its own unique Burger creation, available for only one day. Last year’s Burger Week fueled an unparalleled frenzy that resulted in record breaking sales here. This year, we are stocked, loaded and ready to feed the Burger Savvy masses like never before! For the first time ever we will be holding Burger Week at our Hollywood location in addition to our original Eagle Rock spot.

This year's lineup of Burger tributes and dreams actualized will raise the bar in a big way, featuring Brand New creations and tributes plus an old favorite from the burger archives. Burger Weeks past have seen Chef Andre Guerrero and The Oinkster team pull together iconic burgers from around the fast food landscape. Taking well worn favorites and making them fresh and delicious, applying our traditions to the pillars of fast food shacks. 

This year we searched for inspiration, it wasn't easy. Gimmicky and less delicious burgers are being served more than ever, on top of that, we’ve exhausted the list of classics that inspired us in years past. Necessity and pride compelled us to expand the search for excellence into new territories, lands of sizzling meat outside the realms of the average burger boy. 

Oinkster Hollywood opened a little over a year ago, the neighborhood has proven to be a constant source of inspiration. Like an iconic burger, there are movies and shows that stick with you, embedded into our everyday lives, that we all share and revel in together. This year we’ll pay tribute to our new neighborhood, and to the fictional burgers that Hollywood dreamt up.    

We bring you the signature item of a clown’s fast food chain, the burg-light at the end of a drug induced quest, the competition burger of a family man and restaurant owner, a cartoonish burger inspired by our friends at Grill ‘Em All, a burger that will leave you grasping for medicine while two buffoons laugh, a burger with a secret ingredient everyone wants to steal and another that’ll make you say, “mmhmm `this is a tasty burger.”    

As a bonus, we will be debuting our Burger Week Cupcake Of The Week: The "Over the Rainbow" Cupcake: Six rainbow hued layers of Vanilla Cake with creamy White Chocolate Frosting and a kiss of Gold Leaf - inspired by The Wiz.

Last year hundreds of loyal Burger Fanatics rose to our "Burger Challenge" and attended all 7 days of Burger Week. How much stronger can our Burger Army grow this year!? This year’s Burger Week Burger Challenge champions will be crowned with a brand new original Burger Week shirt exclusively available to them.