Beer Belly Does Lunch All Week

It's true, starting September 1st we will be open for lunch on weekdays (11:30am-3pm). This is for the Weekday Warriors that are sick of their everyday lunch routine. Disrupt the snoozefest and come see what we have planned for you.

Chef Wes has come up with new lunch-exclusive dishes like the TCPBLT (that's turkey confit pork-belly 'BLT'), and the triumphant return of burgers. We've gone a bit over four years now and have had burgers on the menu a grand total of...two days? Well, now is your chance to get at the Volcano Burger, a Duck! Cheeseburger, and my personal favorite the Pepper Steak Burger. These are all lunchtime only exclusives aka Weekday Warrior food so please plan accordingly.