A One Night Stand with Hangar24


"He was a wise man who invented beer.” -Plato

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be able to sit down on the Hangar 24 patio and have a drink with Ben Cook, owner of the brewery. His love of beer is obvious and his passion contagious. Ben talked about beer being the great equalizer. One can sit down at a bar and share a beer with people from all walks of life. Doctor, CEO, janitor, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is there because of a desire for good beer. Yet, it’s not just the beer that motivates us, because then we would just be raging alcoholics. What makes beer so great is the community that surrounds it. Beer is a magnet for great people and even better conversation. The tasting room at Hangar 24 is a perfect embodiment of this ethos. Scanning the room we see a family of 5, bikers, a couple on a date, and men in suits. If we were to go to a wine bar or a cocktail bar, I can guarantee you that we would not see the same variety of people. Beer is what brings all of these people together to have a good time with friends and strangers alike without any pretense.


We last visited Hangar 24, for our first One Night Stand, over a year ago and things have dramatically changed since then. New additions include a canning line, more tanks, and a whole new building. It’s great to see the support that Ben and his brewery are receiving from the local community. Even on a frosty Sunday afternoon, the taproom was just as busy as most LA bars on a Friday night.


Our visit to Redlands was successful. We had a great time getting to know new people and drinking some damn good beer. We are looking forward to our One Night Stand on Tuesday, February 19th.



Post and photos by James Aprill

James Aprill is the film maker, contributing photographer, and all-around craft beer media producer for Beer Belly. He likes beer.