A Letter from the Belly

Beer Belly

Update 5/16: Tap-list and full details are out! http://beerbellyla.com/beer-belly-2nd-anniversary-party-details/

Two years has flown by since we opened on May 20th, 2011 and it’s a blessing to be here with you.

So much has happened and I can’t believe how fast it went by. We launched our “One Night Stand” program to help our BB community get familiar with our local breweries and brewers; you helped us build a patio out front just in time for the spring/summer festivities; we were featured on a couple radio programs and TV shows for Chef Wes’ killer crafty food; and we’re just getting warmed up! Don’t be surprised if you see some kind of expansion, but definitely be ready for some exciting new things to come your way.

We wouldn’t be where we’re at without you. 

Your support has always been deeply felt and we love you for that. Our staff has built the right atmosphere and helped make BB a community and family. We’ve all been through thick and thin together and no matter what, it’s always been about sharing happiness. We’re constantly having new houseguests in for the first time and it’s an honor to try to give them the right Koreatown hospitality and the proper Beer Belly experience.

For the upcoming year, we plan to make it a priority to rejuvenate our hunger to create, and descend deeper into our journey of discovery. The people that have come through and helped us build BB to what it is today have been very inspiring. We’ll be sharing with you some of those individuals and their stories in the near future. We feed off of the creative energy in our BB community and it’s exciting to be surrounded by so much love and ingenuity.

For the 2nd Anniversary party, we’ll have a celebration on May 19th (Sunday) so mark your calendar. I usually stockpile a bunch of rare sours and special beers for the shindig, so expect some goodies like my favorite sour of the past year, Craftsman Cave Art, and Smog City Barrel-Aged OE. We might even go crazy and brew a 2nd anniversary brew with The Bruery or something. Bring the family, bring the friends, bring the dogs, and we’ll make it a block party to remember.

It’s seriously an honor to journey with you. Mad love and respect. Get ready for the best yet!